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An entrepreneur who is looking for startup capital for a new business should attend business plan competitions in addition to doing the regular rounds of business investors.

These days more business plan competitions are being organized. These competitions offer entrepreneurs the chance to earn fame and startup capital for their new businesses. There are more than 50 business plan competitions in the United States, many of which offer startup capital to the winner.

One of the first such competitions was opened to entrepreneurs in 1984. It was started by two MBA students who wanted to offer an experience similar to those obtained by lawyers in moor court.

Since then more organizations have come forward to organize such competitions. They have grown in number and size. These days the average start-up capital that an entrepreneur can earn through such a competition is around $ 100,000.

Another new competition that is being organized these days for entrepreneurs is a "speed business plan" competition. This is much like speed dating. Entrepreneurs are given around a minute to impress business investors with their ideas.

A growing number of competitions are open to entrepreneurs with any affiliation. Industry-specific competitions exist for technology-based ventures, as well as businesses focused on seniors and other niches. A great source for finding such competitions is in the business listings.

Since entrepreneurs are given so little time in front of business investors during these competitions they need to be prepared for their turn. Entrepreneurs should rehearse before hand their business pitch.

Entrepreneurs entering into these competitions also need to prepare their new business proposals very carefully. Since the business investors at these competitions have very little time to go through the entire business plan, entrepreneurs should prepare a mini-business plan. This plan should outline the objectives of the company as well as its uniqueness.

At the same time, entrepreneurs should also have a full-length business plan ready to submit to business investors who express interest in the project.

Business plan competitions are intense and very competitive. However, they do offer entrepreneurs an additional opportunity to meet with business investors and pitch their plan.

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