Common Mistakes of a Small Business
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Many entrepreneurs tend to make some common mistakes when it comes to their new businesses. One major mistake is excessive spending, which usually occurs after they are able to successfully raise capital. Every experienced entrepreneur understands that in order to maintain a sustainable business network, they need to spend modestly, since cumulative startup costs can be quite expensive. Renting an office space, as opposed to buying property, is one way in which a new business owner can establish low recurring costs. Depending on their business, they may also consider leasing a kiosk or an operating cart, which could further lower overall expenditures. This will also decrease the total amount of seed funding that a business owner requires when starting a company.

Another important decision that an entrepreneur may face is where their prospective business will be situated, since choosing the wrong location may lead to company failure. The rental rate at a particular location may be ideal; however, it may be located in an area that does not effectively draw people to buy their products. Before finalizing on the location for a new business, the entrepreneur needs to physically visit different areas to see the existing traffic patterns. If their prospective company is situated in a popular location, then they can certainly generate substantial consumer traffic to their business as opposed to an unfamiliar area. The best suitable location for a small business will depend highly on the target audience in order to ensure that existing and prospective customers will be effectively served.

In addition to the importance of location, the new business owner needs to check with the property managers regarding issues such as costs, cash flow, staffing, and lease length. Furthermore, if an entrepreneur decides to set up a business in a public place, such as side-walk or near the park, he/she needs to contact the city or county to obtain necessary permits and licensures. Overall, many of these common mistakes are due to the lack of preparation and market research. Whether a business owner obtains business funding or not, excessive spending, unfavorable positioning, or even poor target marketing can eventually lead to a company’s failure.

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