Established Digital Magazine Publisher Seeks Growth Funding
Posted by: sally mechur on 2/3/2017 2:15:14 PM
Funding Needed:
$500k - $1mil
Media / Communication & Networking
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Business Description:
The mission of the Company is to improve professionalism and expand the opportunities to find new clients and revenue sources for the global universe of approximately 53,000 Executive, Business and Life coaches. The Company will be these coaches’ go-to resource for professional development and access to new clients.

The Company seeks to assist Business and Life Coaches to improve their skills and their ability to assist clients. The Company will offer coaches a clearinghouse of information and services so that each coach can improve their effectiveness. The Company has begun offering a premier digital magazine for coaches and their clients. The Company’s website seeks to become the primary platform for both coaches and clients. The goal of the digital magazine and website platforms is to increase people’s knowledge and utilization of the Business and Life coaching industry.

Unique Value Proposition:
The Company’s management team believes that the following core proficiencies are keys to long-term success:

1) Provide information, products and services that coaches believe increase their own knowledge and professional success
2) Provide information, products and services that consumers believe increase their understanding of the value of coaching across different elements of their own lives
3) Help consumers and coaches across the globe connect with one another in successful and mutually beneficial professional relationships
4) Continuously create innovative new content and helpful information for our target audiences
5) Significantly increase the public’s knowledge and utilization of all types of coaching
6) Build brand authority as an industry expert
7) Identify and exploit significant sources of sustainable operating revenue, positive cash flow and significant earnings for our shareholders

The Company’s extensive market and target audience research will be leveraged to build brand authority as an industry expert through a diverse but digitally emphasized marketing strategy. The strategy will implement the use of both direct marketing (Pay-Per-Click, Email Marketing, Paid Advertising, etc.) and indirect marketing (social media, content publishing, SEO, etc.) to generate website traffic.

Through tracking and monitoring of the website traffic for specific engagement metrics (actions), visitors are seamlessly directed to an online sales process (funnel) that leverages data to identify qualified opportunities, and then converts those opportunities to sales using a wide range of marketing efforts, such as direct-mail and digital remarketing campaigns. All traffic is monitored and tracked which allows for quick and precise decisions regarding traffic sources.

The full Business Plan includes the metrics that have been applied to the financial projections with regard to marketing and fulfillment. Based on industry percentages, the Company understands that the return on online / ecommerce marketing funds is significant.

Key Success Factors:
The Company seeks to become the primary source for information about the Business and Life coaching industry. In order to accomplish this, the Company will:
• Create a digital, globally distributed monthly magazine focusing on business and life coaching
• Create the most comprehensive and trusted website in the coaching industry
• Provide a continuously growing network of Business and Life coaches
• Create the most powerful referral source for well-qualified coaches to build practices
• Provide coaches with high-quality valuable information and resources for business development
• Increase the public’s knowledge of the field and the benefits of coaching

Exit Strategy:
Over the next 3-5 years, the Company intends to become the international brand for those interested in Life and/or Business coaching. The Company projects that by that time, a minimum of 10,000 coaches and 75,000 magazine subscribers will be associated with the brand. In addition, the company intends to further enhance its brand’s revenue by offering a variety of related products and services. Once the brand has been established in the marketplace, it is expected that the Company will entertain acquisition offers from major traditional or internet-based media groups.

Digital Publications, Internet Media, Memberships
E-Commerce (Future)

Year 1 Projection: $498,180
Year 2 Projection: $2,466,100
Year 3 Projection: $4,841,831
Year 4 Projection: $8,500,604
Year 5 Projection: $14,083,049

Financing Sought

Use of Proceeds
With the $800,000 in hand, the digital publishing company will work to meet the following milestones:
• 4 months post raise: traction in the marketplace demonstrated by magazine sales and enrollment of coaches into the directory
• 8 months post raise: 250 paying coach members; over 3,000 magazine subscriptions
• 14 months: profitability

Additional Documents Available
Business Plan, Slide Deck, Executive Summary
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