Funding Sought to Bring Magical Patent-Pending Display Platforms to the Marketplace
Posted by: sally mechur on 12/9/2016 12:06:14 PM
Funding Needed:
Above $1mil
Consumer Products & Services
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Business Description:
The Company’s CEO developed the technology to assist in linking a series of electronic gadgets via a central hub. After years of development, he has created the platform that allows multiple electronic devices to work together to produce impressive seasonal displays, marketing opportunities, and more. Years ago holiday decorations were impressive but static. Single lights were hung on trees and later, multiple lights were strung together on a single power cord to produce a better display. Recently individuals have sought to improve on this by adding movement, music and more to their decorations using a series of devices each drawing power and none of them working in unison. The displays produced in this manner are impressive; however, for the average consumer they are not cost-effective, are difficult to set up/operate, and they consume massive quantities of power.

The Company has created five patent-pending devices that enable the end-user to control and program multiple electronic devices. These products will allow for a new dimension in special occasion, holiday, or anytime decorative displays for the average consumer of almost all ages and demographics. The patent pending technology allows for more adaptations to be included in future decorations that include third party smart phone apps and electronic devices. The Company has also begun the Research and Development tasks to develop additional devices and software that will work with the patent pending central hub to allow for additional devices (not limited to decorative devices) to be added to be used in the industrial automation and manufacturing markets,

Unique Value Proposition:
The Company is devoted to the creation of electronic hubs that allow multiple devices to be controlled, re-used year-round (not just for special events or holidays), customized by the end-user to produce personalized displays that include LCD/LED displays, discrete object displays with LEDs, and robotic gadgets or automated puppets/decorative robotics.

The market for mobile interior/exterior decorations, mobile robotic toys, and mobile gaming with robots is huge. Many people decorate their homes and small businesses for the holidays. They spend countless hours stringing lights, placing decorations throughout the home or yard for a holiday season then usually have to take them down as soon as the event or holiday season is finished. Some have been able to include visual or audio effects in their displays; however, the miles of cables and power needed to operate these are a stumbling block and an unachievable task for most people that work full time jobs and have families. The Company’s patent pending technology is also applicable for franchise opportunities for various businesses to market other household displays to the automotive/motorized vehicle industry (including but not limited to buses, semi-trucks, and recreational vehicles), mobile decorative and interactive robotics, mobile robotic toys, and mobile robotic gaming industries.

Key Success Factors:
The Company has developed the patent pending technology and software needed to operate a custom electronic modular decoration platform for the individual consumer while also being extremely useful for the small, medium, or large business operator who is interested in showcasing their products in an easily adaptable marketing platform.

Key Risk Factors:
In order to minimize some of the risks associated with the launch of a new product, the Company has taken steps to minimize as many risks as possible. The full Business Plan outlines many of the steps that have been taken thus far, including the securing of patent protection.

Exit Strategy:
The Company will be establishing a Private Placement Memorandum (PPM) to raise $3.625 Million which will detail the specific exit strategy. Initial investors in the Sweetheart deal ($500,000) will be offered a significant return on their investment, in addition to the return as noted in the PPM. The specific rate of return for the Sweetheart investors will be negotiated at the time of investment.

Manufacturing - decorations

Year 1 Projection: $361,500
Year 2 Projection: $2,671,000
Year 3 Projection: $1,979,050

Financing Sought
$4.125 Million in total
$500,000 in Sweetheart funding
Remaining funds to be sought via a pending PPM

Use of Proceeds
Funds will be utilized to complete the development of various platforms and apps which will allow for full interfacing of multiple decorating technologies.

Additional Documents Available
Business Plan, Executive Summary, Financial Projections
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