Innovative Luxury RV Resort Ranch Seeks Investors
Posted by: sally mechur on 3/23/2017 2:06:19 PM
Funding Needed:
Above $1mil
Real Estate / Construction
Location :
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Business Description:
The Company intends to offer travelers a private luxury RV resort adjacent to beautiful Devil’s Tower in the highlands of Wyoming. The resort will combine the freedom of living on the road with the comfort and service of a Five Star Hotel. The resort will bring a small town feel complete with retail stores, restaurants, and certified professional repair facilities for class A & C motor coaches.

The resort will be developed on the grounds of an established 880 acre working ranch with beautiful vistas, clear mountain streams and loads of recreational opportunities.

The Luxury RV Resort will be developed as a destination location for individuals living in their motor coach. Each site will feature potable water, sewage service and electric service on a roomy and private lot. The on-site repair facility will be able to handle most any service that an RV owner might require, including towing services, if needed. The resort will include four themed restaurants catering to the taste cravings of most any guest.

Unique Value Proposition:
When a client asks for service … our answer is always …If it can be done, we will do it for you.
The focus for the Resort will always be on providing the best possible service to each and every client.

The resort intends to develop and sell only 10 sites each year. Each site will sell for $175,000 plus an annual $50,000 membership fee to help with on-going maintenance. The resort will operate the repair facility but is planning to lease the space for the retail sales and restaurant services. The financial projections included in this summary (and fully developed in the full Business Plan) are based on the sale of the sites, the repair operations and the annual membership fees. Additional income streams will be developed in the future.

Key Success Factors:
First and most importantly, the Luxury Resort sites are all based on a common template, but customized to each client’s desires.

Each site is one full acre of land on a space of forested property to be chosen by the clients before development begins.

Because the Company’s clients will be chosen for their lifestyle choice to live full time in their motor coaches, the Company is designing the overall theme of the resort to be more like a small town, rather than an overnight “truck stop” parking lot experience.

Key Risk Factors:
At this time the primary risk associated with the project is the need to secure the land. Given that the ranch is currently on the market, the time is now to move forward. The management team is well aware that the funding they are seeking is not pocket change. For this reason they are willing to discuss obtaining the funds in three stages. The income derived during the initial year of operation may offset the need for one of these stages.

The other main risk associated with the Company is getting the word out about the facilities. This will be accomplished through the utilization of various social media platforms as well as direct marketing at trade shows and dealerships.

Exit Strategy:
The RV Resort Company will begin repayment of the initial loan beginning in the second year. By this time the Resort will have surpassed the breakeven point and will be turning a profit. No additional funding rounds are anticipated as any future development will be covered by the sale of lots and the on-going membership fees. The details of the Return on Investment will be discussed at the time of investment.

Luxury RV Resort

Year 1 Projection: $2,209,340
Year 2 Projection: $2,880,149
Year 3 Projection: $3,544,940

Financing Sought:
$7,490,280 in three rounds

Use of Proceeds:
Funding will be utilized to secure the property and initiate development efforts. Remaining funding will be utilized to implement an aggressive marketing effort targeting companies who build luxury RV motor coaches and the individuals who own them.

Additional Documents Available:
Business Plan, Executive Summary
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