Looking for Angel Investors to fund a unique start up
Posted by: Stephan Zbikowski on 9/25/2016 4:29:09 PM
Funding Needed:
Above $1mil
Agriculture & Fishery
Location :
Brossard, Canada
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On behalf of my husband I am sourcing investors for an amazing innovative product from our company based in Brossard, Quebec. The company was formed to introduce an environmental technology expertise in the treatment of domestic animal waste efficiently and economically to the market. One of the biggest problems in the domestic livestock industry is waste, which usually ends up in the local water supply. Our company is ready to market a technology that has been developed and tested to treat these waste.

We bring a major development in waste treatment systems to
the market, by processing pig manure at minimum cost using natural products, of which we are a major component. In fact we are able to transform practically any type of animal manure into high grade fertilizer, generating no harmful waste or by-products in the process, with a particular emphasis on eliminating the odor.

We are seeking $4.5 million to create and market our new product. We are confident that our company will obtain a solid return on investment within six months and that investors will break even within one year.

A write up of business plan and technology will be readily available for interested parties.

Best Regards
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