Looking for Angel investor for a innovative Indian recruitment startup
Posted by: shyam k on 9/20/2016 8:52:08 PM
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Under $100k
Human Resources
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We are Indian based recruitment start up company. We introduced an innovative method of approach in the recruitment to support the career of Indian Women and the to build the career of young talents in India. As a placement Services instead of offering the opportunities to the job seekers, we are building the career itself from their childhood in their desired chosen career path.

This method was already implemented successfully and we gain the good results in terms of our quality from our clients. But to implement the full fledged process with the sufficient resources we are looking for funds to support ourselves in the next 2 years.

Through the results with the limited resources itself we get, we are confident that we can get sufficient revenue to reach our objectives successfully. As the recruitment industry is growing rapidly in India and with the quality we have shown,

For all this we are seeking is 25 - 50 lacs INR and we are going to use it towards our further upgrades & development of methods, marketing expansion the results will be more effective and the sufficient revenue will be generated in the next 2 years.
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