Looking for a private investor for a commercial gold mining operation
Posted by: JEREMY PERKINS on 12/14/2016 1:43:36 PM
Funding Needed:
$250k - $500k
Location :
San Dimas, USA
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I am currently looking at 180ac. claim that is wash plant ready with proven gold recovery, currently tests show $9-$20 per yard on low grade pay and $40-$60 per yard on higher grade pay. There are many dry river beds that run across the properties with most of them averaging a half a mile long and over 15 feet deep of pay dirt with no overburden and much of the rest of the land has about 4-6 feet of overburden so operating cost would be very minimum to start and still be very minimal to strip the rest of the property. Please take a look at the pictures provide from what had been collected out of the test holes.

minimum investment needed: $250,000

Thank you for your interest in my request,
Please email me
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