Looking for an ANGEL.Chinese healthcare sector
Posted by: Konstantin Lyu on 1/16/2016 6:11:32 PM
Funding Needed:
$250k - $500k
Healthcare & Medical / Pharma
Location :
Shanghai, China
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Looking to open a cryosauna business in China. i carefully picked an area with no competitors and new aspect of healthcare that is not reached China yet (in a big mass).

CRYO whole body cryotherapy safely lowers your skin temperature for a period of up to three minutes. Your body is briefly enveloped with extremely cold air, with temperatures ranging between -184°F and -292°F. Body responds by protecting itself with an immune response that boosts its performance.
The method is applied in various areas of medicine, in cosmetology, in the area of sports training and for a general improvement of an organism.

Have an access to sport societies (basketball, football, american football, hockey , slam-ball, table tennis, badminton teams). Also have knowledge of Chinese media sources.

In addition my Chinese mentor (old chinese respectfull man that used to be director of Hospital in Shanghai) been motivating me to do this business. Also he want to provide a help if I request.

Couple of words about my background. I'm Korean from Soviet Union. Finished school in Moscow, College in Oxford.Currently at my last year of university, decided to take a gap year in order to have some real entrepreneur experience and pay for my last year of education and support my mother.

I used to work since 11 years old. my first job was an instructor of martial arts ( since i'm 3 i do all verities of sports). Worked in many Charities like blue cross, amnesty international , K.e.e.n Oxford with disabled kids. Last jobs i participate was in logistics companies and real estate, however I found Healthcare is most interesting area, especially with a sport application.

For cryosaunas, i found 2 different producers. One of them is agreed to give us a unique rights for Chinese market and different methods to pay and train.

Many thanks if u reed my proposal and spend time.
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