Looking for angel Investors for digital products of music education
Posted by: Chi Zhang on 1/5/2014 1:20:11 PM
Funding Needed:
$500k - $1mil
Education & Training
Location :
Beijing, China
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We are a software development company that creates high-tech music education products and supplies a new music training service. Since our opening in 2011, our company has successfully developed a series of software and hardware products,which mainly used for digitized music teaching.Up to present,our main product has been deployed in over 3 schools in Beijing.In 2014, it will being put to use in more than 4 schools in WuHan,ShangHai and ShenYang .

Our product is an interactive music teaching environment,which base on integration equipment ,Local area network,special software and environmental engineering.Under the guidance of SPRIC (See\Play\Repeat\Interaction\Control) theory,it will break the traditional bored music teaching mode in china,and create better conditions for Chinese students understanding and learning the world music.We Provide it to primary school witch teach 7-12 yeas old children in china.

We has developed Score-Sound synchronization technology for visual music education,and focus on VSTI (Virtual Studio Technology Instruments) for creating perfect audio effects of all kinds of virtual instruments.In the meantime,some music games have been developed for effective music theory learning and teaching.All of these techniques have been integrated into the current products.

We would now like to extend our products and services to music training service. These products and services can include anything from Training version software developing, opening the training course, and hiring the music teacher. Our former products will be gradually improved and sold to more schools around china(china has more than 250000 primary school). We strongly believe that there is a need in the market for these products and services, especially since there are not the same form of products and services as we are.

We are seeking $500K to create and market our new products and services. This capital will be invested throughout the development and design process of these music education. We are confident that our company will obtain a solid return on investment within one years and that investors will break even within two years.
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