Looking for founding to my company NORWAY
Posted by: Kristine Bornø Haukebøe on 11/1/2016 7:19:24 AM
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Under $100k
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The company is a new organic brand from NORWAY. We are GOTS sertified and do all our production in Turkey. Turkey is the best on organic cotton. Harmfull and free for chemicales offcourse.

We are a brand on kids terms.Kids love colors and prints. And I draw it all myself. I take all photos and love to work this way.

I started up 1 year ago and my plan was to grow easy and slow so I dident need to use so much money on productionto start with. But I went to Paris to show my brand on a show and got very good respons. So now I have already 40 retailers worldwide. And that means I need to make my production much bigger. And then I need money.

I need a loan for 120 000USD and payback on your terms offcourse. Maybe 5-8 years if I could choose. Really hope to hear from you so I can tell more about my firm :)

Have a nice day.
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