Looking for investor for a novelty product
Posted by: Joao Curro on 1/20/2016 11:54:01 AM
Funding Needed:
Under $100k
Industrial Products & Services
Location :
United Kingdom
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need a small investment to hire a product designer/developer to make a project to apply for a patent, for patent attourney and travelling abroad to meet suppliers, sourcing materials and make a prototype. I want to apply for a patent before I get the concept out there, which has been developed and tested by me. It is a product in the backlight advertising industry that can take a large market share in the multibillion signage industry all over the world, as it is so simple and inexpensive, with no need for special equipment or technical staff. It can even enter the DIY market.
Unfortunately, due to a previous catering business that went bust during the recession and left me with debt and a bad credit history, I can't invest myself so I'm giving a valuable person the opportunity to invest a small amount to enter a multibillion industry with a novelty product that is more flexible and cost effective than existing solutions. It has the potential to be a market leader and to open up new markets. I'm prepared to give away equity to the right person or looking for a business loan. At this stage I can locate the business anywhere with the right investment.
I've attached some edited images as an example of what can be done at a fracion of the cost of the existing backlit solutions in the markeplace.
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