Looking for investor for green project in the mayan riviera
Posted by: Jose Carrera on 3/27/2016 11:31:39 PM
Funding Needed:
$100k - $250k
Real Estate / Construction
Location :
Mayan Riviera, Mexico
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I am looking for investors for a green project in the mayan riviera, i am also needing some funds to create a rehab clinic for people with problems with drugs and alcohol, it will be a sustainable farm, the internals will work in an organic farm with a lot of animals oand organic corps, i own a bug warehouse that i can donate i am looking for a partnership, the production will be exported to Houston Texas, because it is located in Tabasco Mexico both ports are connected by sea, i have a really nice concept for the rehab center, i already did a benchmarking and a small business plan, also i know some mayan people who own really interesting properties in the mayan riviera that we can buy for really low prices, i also know about other serious opportunities related with ethanol, cigars, cotton, cacao, coffee, tequila and products i can get for really low prices in Mexico, if you would like to open a small hotel, build apartments for renting and selling to tourist, retired people and baby boomers, open a bar club etc etc, i can help you to access to the mexican market, i am a local and i like doing business with foreigners, as you know foreigners can legally own land and businesses in Mexico, i can tell you where is safe to walk and where is not, i have a cousin who has really good connections with the federal government, i would like to be your business partner in Mexico my e is codexnaturae at gmail thank you for your time regards from Mexico
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