Looking for investor to supply capital to purchase machiney for purchase contracts
Posted by: Andres Guillen on 1/17/2016 1:27:08 AM
Funding Needed:
$100k - $250k
Business Products & Services
Location :
Nuevo Laredo, Mexico
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Hello, I am looking for funding to purchase heavy equipment for sale to companies I have contracts to provide products and repair services to. I am the owner of the largest diesel repair shop in Nuevo Laredo,Tamaulipas, Mexico. My company provides maintenance and repair services to companies that use small to medium sized diesel trucks. We are the only Isuzu authorized service center on the Texas-Mexico border. I am seeking funding that will allow me to fill purchase requests that my clients have. Currently I have buyers needing 30 dump trucks and 50 trucks with tanks to haul water. I am also one of three companies permitted to sell parts,machinery and vehicles to the local government. So, as you can see I have all my capital tied into my core business of repair services and I need capital to aquire machinery to sell to my clients. I am not looking for money to buy inventory that will sit on a sales lot waiting for someone to buy it. I have companies waiting to buy them and I don't want to lose these sales,, because I can only supply 3-5 trucks at a time. Thanks
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