Need Investor/Partner for Acquiring Nuclear Bunker for Fractional Ownership Development
Posted by: Peter Mattisson on 2/17/2013 3:17:14 PM
Funding Needed:
$500k - $1mil
Real Estate / Construction
Location :
All, Sweden
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I'm seeking a free-spirited, compatible partner/investor to acquire a government nuclear hardened bunker located deep inside a mountain in Sweden for development into fractional ownership apartments.

Other possibilities for this property are: Hostel, co-location data center. This will require building permit so can’t guarantee this will be possible.

Another exciting option is to create a unique Fallout theme entertainment venue suitable for paintball games, real life Vault-Tec Vault attraction for Fallout fans, Fallout theme conferences, dinners, parties.

This property is currently in private bidding. Current high bid is $270,000 USD. This facility cost $20 Million USD to build in 1976 in inflation adjusted dollars. To build a similar facility today would likely cost more than $100,000,000 USD.

The bunker consists of three separate buildings that stand free of the rock, and are supported by steel springs in order to withstand ground shocks. The springs support the buildings structural steel frames that hold the building shells of continuously welded steel plates, which provide EMP shielding. The three buildings have a total floor area of 1750 m2 (18,800 square feet). The two larger buildings have two levels, one level contains a dormitory with 120 beds. Furthermore there are toilets, showers, kitchen, dining room, medical room, Security vault, Mechanical repair shop. One entire level has a large open area that can be used as a cinema, main living area or used for building apartments or bedroom suites.

Designed to withstand 10 atmosphere (atm) - 147 PSI of overpressure
NBC air filtration system
3 deep drilled water wells
2 diesel generators
2 redundant Internet fiber optic cables

The facility is in very good condition with fully working dehumidifiers and ventilation.

This property can’t be described in words, it must be seen and experienced in person! I guarantee this is like nothing you’ve ever seen or even heard of before.

Need an Angel Investor or partner to acquire and retrofit this property, building bedroom suites and apartments.

What’s in it for me?
As investor you will get back your invested money before i do. Once we start selling the fractional ownership apartments, 100% of the profit will go to you until you have recouped your investment. Then we share the future profits 50/50 or as agreed upon in a partnership agreement.

I want you investment/partnership to be as interesting, profitable and risk free as possible. If you have other proposals I’m open minded and flexible.

It would be a pleasure to work with a creative like-minded entrepreneur and business partner. So please don’t miss this opportunity to acquire a once in a lifetime property!

Detailed information, floor plans, pictures available if you are genuinely interested.
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