Online tool for attracting and keeping clients is looking for investor
Posted by: Alice Goldberg on 2/20/2016 6:49:15 AM
Funding Needed:
Above $1mil
Business Products & Services
Location :
London, United Kingdom
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New online tool that allows business and e-commerce sites owners to increase clients amount is looking for investor. It is a system which monitors the activities of site visitors and offers them to contact the sales department in just 8 seconds. Therefore it helps to turn 7 out of 10 site visitors into your potential clients with the help of special patented technologies.

Project was launched in 2015 and now more than 22 000 sites use it. Total revenue of the last year is about 42 000$.

- Simple to use and install: 5 minutes installation without website modification
- Product does not require adaptation in order to enter new markets
- A significantly lower price for the end subscriber
- Strong development and marketing team
- High potential for scalability - non-flexible variable expenses

Now we are looking for investors(Angel Groups, VC, Private Investors) for project growth and new markets expansion.

Please feel free to contact me to get Executive Summary, Traction, links or/and full investment documents package. I am a member of project team.
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