Require financing for a $1M budget to produce a stereoscopic 3D action movie
Posted by: Debra Midori on 3/19/2012 12:19:07 AM
Funding Needed:
$500k - $1mil
Film / TV / Arts & Entertainment
Location :
San Francisco, California, USA
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We have an Emmy Award winning Director, Telly Award winning Lead Actor/Producer, a WGA registered script, and interest from a major motion picture studio on distribution. Also, a 3D expert, will be joining our team.
The film is a story of an ex-Navy Seal and Afghanistan war Black-Ops veteran, who is now a San Francisco cop. When a terrorist group plants a nuclear device somewhere in the city, a count down begins to find it before it can be activated to devastate San Francisco. Now, he must use all his experience and cunning to outwit a fanatical terrorist leader, and to overcome all the obstacles put in his way by the F.B.I.,Homeland Security and his own police department. The overriding question is can he find the bomb and disable it in time? It is an action packed thrill ride around and about San Francisco by day and night, that will leave audiences breathless and exhilarated
Returns on Investment: The monies break down for investors is highly negotiable and there is no set formula. Firstly, the Distribution Group will be reimbursed for their distribution expenses and they will receive their percentage based on what has been negotiated.

The remaining profit will be divided between the Investment Group and the Production Group. This also is to be negotiated, but a standard formula is a split on a sliding scale starting at 60% to 40% in favor of the Investment Group until their investment is 100% realized.

After that, the split would become 50% -50% until the Investors reach 100% profit on their initial investment. Beyond that, the split would then go to 40% to the Investors and 60% to the Producers, as negotiated.

Creating 3D films is not a new field but, given new technologies with the wider availability of venues, there is an even stronger demand.  This is a unique opportunity to enter the film market during this temporary gap between high demand and limited supply of good 3D movie content.  
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