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Under $100k
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“A hero is no braver that an ordinary man, but he is braver five minutes longer.” Ralph Waldo Emerson

currently to build a following this is a webseries but we are working on distribution and getting this on television and or netflix.

This webseries is about several groups of Heroes and villains all jumbled up in a city full of people with special gifts. Some of these heroes choose to help others and some of them don't. Some just want to live normal lives and some people choose to destroy life. Each villain and each hero has their own agendas and it all revolves around this one city.

The concept was easy - A world where people have powers and where the audience could add more and more characters and those characters change and interact to that world accordingly.

This is a passion of ours, if it wasn’t this series wouldn’t be out for anyone to see. It’s truly a labor of love. Everyone whose working on the project is doing this for free and sacrificing daily to keep this labor of love alive. We have so much we want to show on this series and we are just so anxious to share it with the world.

- Our media production company formed to show the world that this unique company can pump out quality television and entertainment that both entertains and sticks with you.

- This webseries is important to us because this is really a labor of love for us. We have not made a single dime off this series and are just trying to make this the best quality entertainment possible and it is completely free to watch online and experience. This project is really our way of helping new actors looking for quality projects to be attached to and also gives us a chance to prove to the world that our company can turn small money into a huge scale production. It's not the equipment that makes the movie it's who you've got working the equipment.


What that is going to be spent on is :

- ACTORS: quality actors are not cheap and they dont work for free. So far we've been lucky to land a few that are doing this for no pay but I would like to start paying them for their hard work.

- Costumes : the costumes are the most expensive part of the series. If we cant make it we have to order it and to get it made is never cheap. The unique characters and villains really require alot of out landish costumes, props and artifacts to match.

- Gas : Our cast memebers do not live close. They have to drive from far away to help out and they are not getting paid for their acting. This is proving their dedication and I would like to help them out by giving them some kind of financial compensation at least towards their gas.

- Special FX : The FX in the series are unheard of and not seen in any webseries right now. Most of the fx we use is wouldn't even be attempted in tv shows because they are too complicated. We pump each of these episodes out in a month not a year so our crew must be always the best in the business. We have done an amazing job so far and want to continue

- Disposables: There are many things we have to buy that just run out ... batteries, gaffing tape, pens, paper, ink and many many more and those just need to be constantly replenished so the shoot can stay on schedule.

- Rentals: I would love to own every single bit of equipment we will ever need but we dont. We have to go rent equipment for each shoot. Now we have the cameras, lighting, audio recorders and equipment but we do not own the p2 cards for the cameras or the p2 card readers etc.

This is professionaly created and made by the most talented people we can find. This is a series that will get a huge following and will be making tons of money. All we are asking for is the capital to kick this thing off. This is something that will change the world of television. If it stays online free to view then it will help progress online tv and be a huge hinderance on dish and direct tv including cable. This series is a big deal and shouldnt be passed up!
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