Seeking an Angel Investor for startup capital of 'I am Gold'
Posted by: Emily Currie on 7/27/2016 7:59:50 AM
Funding Needed:
Under $100k
Film / TV / Arts & Entertainment
Location :
United Kingdom
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I am a English post graduate from the University of Birmingham. I am offering an unusual opportunity for an investor who has an interest in the creative arts.

I have received a letter from a traditional publisher who has shown interest in publishing my work. However I have bigger plans than this. I wish to go down the pathway of self publishing. This can only be achieved by finding the right investor.

My request is for £15,000 to bring my novel to life. The money I seek will go towards professional editing, corrections and approvals, page-design, typesetting, layout and cover design e-book file conversions so they can be made compatible for all key platforms; Kindle, i-Books, Kobo, etc.), ISBN, legal and trade cataloguing, printing books, distribution, exhibiting, travel costs, marketing, advertising, creation and selling of additional merchandise.

I assure you, this is an investment you would prefer not to miss. 'I am Gold' can become one of the highest paying genres in fantasy fiction, as long as I can receive an offer from the right kind of investor.
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