Smart Heart
Posted by: Jacques Smart on 12/7/2016 2:08:55 PM
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Under $100k
Software / Computers
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Toksook Bay, USA
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A smartphone app linked with the smartwatch. Similar to the 1970 mood ring, you will be able to tell which mood you are in simply studying your own heart rate by recording optional video, audio + heart rate values--and creating an archive of moods correlating to certain emotions from a certain heart rate value.
Can you imagine this app linked to social media? If you were able to post your mood/status without even thinking about it, would you do it? On a regular day, I stumbled upon a book called NeuroImage. In this scientific study, they were able to pinpoint certain emotions by studying the brainwaves, as well as the heart rate values. It's very intriguing.
Creating an app that is linked to the smartphone. In my theory, recording video, audio + heart rate values in a specific time period possibly a whole day, in a graph, with the power to create an archive of specific emotions from the heart rate values, by studying your own heart beat and emotions by listening and recalling emotions from the audio, and placing those emotions to certain heart rate values. Linking it to your social media site.

Analytic data
September 19, 2016
Data will be used to improve app.
Including age, sex, and data from HRV linked with emotions.
Data will be given to users for factual information such as similar age groups, sex, and emotions linked to HRV.
No names will be used for study. The important part of using and analyzing data, is to improve the app and its efficiency.

September 19, 2016
-Left to right chronologically ordered time graph
-Visual HRV graph
-1 Minute intervals of average HRV
-GPS enabled device detects motion (enables exercising mode)
-exercising mode deactivates emotion detection due to rapid heart rate
-Similar to Alarm--Setting HRV to emotional status
-List of every emotion with setting of HRV
-Color coded emotion cool to hot

This project is an app linked to another social media app I created. They can be separate, and downloaded together to become a package or some sorts.

This project is dedicated to those who have lost their loved ones; time is precious, a simple idea can change the world.
Grasp the time and remember those times that has passed and never look back.
I have an app idea that can record videos, with a time bar that is able to rewind back to the day you started recording your video profile, or even schedule ahead to future dates with no limit to when. Time is literally in your hands.
Imagine being able to set up a video account, which is optional. Either offline or online use with limited security to full spectrum security, to a time vivid visual of your online life. What you set up to show to the world is your prerogative. No pressure trying to get attention to others, just live your life and secure it.
Secure the time, allow or block others from viewing your video profile. Organize your videos for family use or limited to friends, or no limits to allowing the world to see what your life is like.
Imagine a world full of opportunity, which it is, being able to tell when what happened, where, and "how" is really up to anyone.

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