Story-based Online Math Education Business Seeks Funds to Aid Visual Learners
Posted by: sally mechur on 12/27/2016 12:50:30 PM
Funding Needed:
$500k - $1mil
Education & Training
Location :
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Online Education industry

Year 1 Projection: $1,040,000
Year 2 Projection: $2,080,000
Year 3 Projection: $3,900,000

Financing Sought
The Company is seeking up to $1,000,000

Use of Proceeds
• Cover Formation Expenses
• Cover Legal and Accounting
• Cover Product Development
• Purchase Furniture, Fixtures and Equipment - General
• Purchase Furniture, Fixtures and Equipment - Technology
• Cover Prepaid Items
• Cover Pre-Launch Marketing
• Cover Pre- Launch Personnel
• Cover Launch

Additional Documents Available
Business Plan, Executive Summary

Business Description
The LLC is an online math education company founded by a high school math teacher with over 15 years of hands-on teaching and tutoring experience. It is based out of Sacramento, CA. The Company provides online, story-based, interactive math education to students in primary and secondary education who are visual learners struggling with standard math teaching techniques. The Company offers several story-based scenarios to engage students as well as aid students in solving problems and understanding math concepts.

The primary product is on-line, story-based, interactive math education that represents the Company’s underlying philosophy of providing a product which is consistently recognized as ultra-high quality at a competitive price and provides complete satisfaction to the end user.

The Company’s product provides the end user with the following features:
• Math concepts presented in story format
• Student customers can choose from eight different real world scenarios to learn math concepts
• Student customers can learn math concepts using videos of the examples
• Review course study is available 24/7

According to Global Silicon Valley (GSV) Advisors, since 2010 there has been over 2 million online math education enrollment in the US, and the Average Annual Purchase per Buyer was $6,400 average per pupil in 2011. Additionally, the estimated growth rate is 20% through 2019, with a 5 Year Market Size estimated at $14 billion.

Millions of children are participating in some form of online learning and growing numbers of school districts are offering virtual learning options. Studies show that students benefit from online learning and overall, it is estimated that 65 percent of the population are visual learners. The Company has devised a new method for teaching math to learners who learn best through visual stimuli.

Key Success Factors
• Use of videos and storylines such as those mentioned earlier to explain math
• Available on-line 24/7
• Tracks student progress
• Students have the option of using eBook and/or videos to learn the material

Key Risk Factors
• Minimal student choice in presentation of the material
• Presentations provide only one way to learn

Exit Strategy:
The Company is looking to raise up to $1 million in funding to fuel continued operations and expansion activities and launch marketing efforts. The Company anticipates that it will meet the conservative income projections noted. Furthermore, the LLC is offering a maximum of forty (40%) share of the company which is comprised of 1,000,000 shares at USD $1.00 per share.
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