Transportation Technology Investment
Posted by: Armand Dauplaise on 3/11/2017 10:19:25 AM
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Under $100k
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Orlando, USA
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Revolutionary Technology Investment for the heavy-duty trucking industry. Patent pending (15/225,287) technology improves mileage 30% to 40% & reduces emissions more than 25%. Extensive R&D and beta tests with significant results. Late 2016, our pre-market testing validation was completed and we received independent tests results with Transportation Research Center. We are the only one with patent pending status; who has invested $750,000 over 58 months of R&D; conducted more than 10,000 miles of beta tests; and culminating with the independent tests report from Transportation Research Center.

Our innovative technology invention produces Hydrogen on the go as a supplement to diesel fuel powered trucks and is generated as needed. It is a system and method of providing HHO gas effectively delivered to the engine while the truck is moving and is proven to significantly improve performance. No fuel station infrastructure is needed.

The Company is proceeding from prototype to pre-production design while simultaneously meeting with strategic alliance candidates. The goal is to identify the most likely partnering relationships with those who will have the professional expertise and capital to help fully develop the business for the benefit of many.

There are two distinct markets. 1) The after-market with more than 13 million diesel, heavy-duty trucks that haul 70% of the freight in the USA. 2) The Manufacturers of heavy-duty diesel engines and trucks.

Revenues estimated growth from $14 million to exceed $143 million in year three. EBITDA in the range of 42%. Executive Summary available. Please send me your contact information as Go4Funding does not allow me to list our contact on their website. Company President & CEO.

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