Unique / Outside the Box business opportunity for Christians.
Posted by: Daniel Lozinik on 6/2/2016 4:43:30 PM
Funding Needed:
Under $100k
Legal Services
Location :
Calgary, Canada
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I am seeking an investment partner(s) from the Christian community as per the captioned. This is and will be an honorable (for exposing the TRUTHS and FACTS) but also, an extremely profitable business going forward. GREAT ROI (Return on Investment) and future consideration for locations across North America. This is going to be a self-propelled venture once word spreads.
The writer has uncovered the Holy Grail of Fraud, Deception, and Untruths by governments, lawyers and the courts and NOW I seek investment dollars to establish "sovereignty offices" for all non-government officers, agents,employees, affiliates, housewives, plumbers, office workers, carpenters,engineers, doctors, gardeners, children and the retired or soon to be, to re-establish their liberty, rights, and freedoms.
At 1/10th the cost of a rogue lawyer aka Unregistered Foreign Agent AND,...1/10th the headache.
Please contact via e-mail for a phone chat and potential face to face meeting(s).
God Bless
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