Seeking Funding to Provide Businesses With Customized Reports Gathered From More Than 60
Posted by: sally mechur on 5/5/2017 11:29:02 AM
Funding Needed:
$500k - $1mil
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Business Description:
The Company’s mission is to bring order to the chaos and provide structure to data that is unstructured. The Company recognizes that external information is both overwhelming and ephemeral. Its real value wasted, unless both captured and connected over time, and directly aligned with an organization’s unique eco-system and risk profile. For businesses the benefits are many, including faster decision-making, growth, and identifying risks and opportunities ahead of time. The Company was established to help businesses anticipate, rather than simply react.

The Company launched version 2.0 of their platform in January 2017. Immediately the Company won two major contracts, generating income within a few weeks of entry into the marketplace. The Company currently has three more deals in negotiations, with a healthy pipeline of leads.

The Company offers something that none of their competitors is able to provide. The Company collects information from hundreds of venues each and every day. This information is then focused into market segments and supplied, on a personalized basis to businesses. Businesses are able to identify the types of information they are interested in receiving and the Company will provide this targeted information on a regular basis.

The Company scours over 8 Million news and social media items from over 60,000 public and licensed sources each day. The Company delivers tailor-made insights for each client by categorizing and extracting key information for over 50 business critical topics. The trademarked platform allows these targeted insights to be developed by blending high speed and high complexity search and clustering with Machine Learning and Natural Language Processing. The result is a uniquely powerful and flexible product ready to meet the full depth and breadth of today’s complex businesses.

The team has begun making contacts with a number of major firms that rely on a steady flow of focused information on trends, markets and customers. These firms have, for the most part, been forced to spend many hours a day sifting through countless stories that have little to no relationship to their business in order to discover the key bits that they need in order to make decisions for future panning.

Key Risk Factors:
With the fast pace of the current web-based technology one of the major risks that the Company will face is being timid in marketing efforts. With the second version in the marketplace and with initial orders already in place, any long delay in reaching out to the industry could significantly limit the income for the next several years, perhaps even giving competitors an opportunity to try to develop a similar product.

Important Milestone:
Within weeks of the launch of version 2.0 of the Company’s platform in January of 2017 several major contracts have already been won. Additional major firms are presently considering making use of the platform once funding is in place.

Exit Strategy:
The Company is looking forward several years. While the ultimate goal is to continue operations and expanding, the management team is well aware that situations may change. No matter which option is chosen, the Company will keep in mind the need for all investors to reap the benefits of their investment. It is possible that over the course of the next few years the Company will grow strong enough to consider buying out some of the competition. It is also possible that the Company might consider other options.

Information Technology - Business Information

2017 Projection: $1,849,000
2018 Projection: $8,214,000
2019 Projection: $21,090,000
2020 Projection: $38,370,000

Financing Sought

Use of Proceeds
Funds will be used to assist in completing final development of the platforms and to implement an aggressive sales and marketing effort.

Additional Documents Available
Business Plan, Executive Summary, Slide Deck
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