Existing Film Company Seeks Investors With an Interest in Storytelling
Posted by: sally mechur on 4/4/2017 12:07:51 PM
Funding Needed:
Above $1mil
Film / TV / Arts & Entertainment
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Business Description:
Welcome to a film production company that intends to create playful, unassuming, broad-appeal entertainment which may rejuvenate and temporarily liberate its partakers momentarily from reality. Founding partners, are polar opposites with enough artistic similarities to create films greater than the sum of their individual parts. There is no end game. No complicated mission statement; only the dogged persistence of passionate storytellers who thrive in the turmoil of their chosen labor — loving every second of it.
Along with their post-production business, equipment, and relationships, the partners bring a combined 30 years of experience across an impressive number of industry positions: scripting, directing, editing, cinematography, digital/visual effects, acting, post-production supervision and sound design. Notable feature film and television credits include: Zombie Hunter (2013), Mythica (2015), American Nobody (2016), Cyborg X (2016), the popular television series The Aquabats! Super Show! (2013-14) and the upcoming YouTube Red original series The IT Girls, and Warner Bros.’ VOD original series Snatchers, which premiered at Sundance in 2017. In addition, The Company has already completed and released two of their own feature films Slender (2016) and Romeo & Juliet (2017).

The partners understands that a film is an execution based business where the "quality" factor is paramount to the risk/return equation. The Company will pursue the investment strategy that best balances risk, returns and quality. There is no one method that best fits each film in their slate. For the first film, the Company’s investment strategy combined the regional tax incentives with equity. Rather than rely on foreign presales and gap financing to further mitigate risk, which may preclude the finished film from lucrative distribution avenues, the Company will defer post-production costs of the budget until profit has been achieved. This will limit the equity draw down from the fund and will require budgetary balancing, where minimum State spends meet the thresholds needed to qualify, and leverage, tax incentives. The Company is committed to pre-certifying every film project for tax incentives. Under this model, the Company will maintain creative control, take advantage of tax incentives, and maintain worldwide licensing rights. As a result, a completed film may prove more enticing in a competitive marketplace, especially when accompanied by significant online and WOM (word of mouth) marketing effort. Packaging the completed film with the purpose of selling off the rights in a lucrative acquisition deal will only position the film for future success with independent industry players and content providers (buyers) desperate to keep up with their audiences' demand for new films.

Key Success Factors:
The Company leverages its ability to achieve high quality films at a fraction of the cost which is its biggest differentiator and Value Proposition. This comes from its vast combination of individual skill sets, including IP creation, coupled with the "digital revolution", and ease of marketing in the age of social media. Furthermore, the Company's ability to stay lean as a business means more dollars can be used toward the final quality on screen. With 30 years of collective industry experience across multiple positions and wide range of production stages, the Company is poised to succeed.

Key Risk Factors:
Filmmaking is a high-risk investment, and any investor needs to understand that he or she may lose his or her entire interest in the film. There are tax incentives that do allow film investments to be written off against income; therefore, each investor should consult with his or her attorney before entering into any agreement.

Exit Strategy:
Following post-production and delivery to distributors, as the project recoups costs (defined as the time when the production will no longer draw on the escrow account) investors may be paid back their investment plus 15%. At this point the investors will take 50% of Producer's Net with the other 50% taken by the Producer to distribute to other interested parties based on their signed agreements with the production.

Film Production & Entertainment

Sales Forecast
Year 1: $16,568,681
Year 2: $34,107,957
Year 3: $43,240,029
Financing Sought
Use of Proceeds
Produce a slate of 4 production ready films

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Business Plan
Executive Summary
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