Olympics Docu Series has networks and Production Companies attached
Posted by: Shantal Anderson on 7/13/2016 7:43:10 PM
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Under $100k
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We are an independent production company that has been producing mini series of athletic Olympic athletes from all over the world.

Our biggest sponsor dropped out of funding with less than 20 days left before departing for Brazil. Our team has been working SO hard on this project for months with the company. They dropped out due to being outbid last minute right before receiving funds. The Olympics is a huge advertising opportunity for any company. We have been credentialed to get inside access at the Olympics. We already have distribution deals set-up with ESPN, Hulu and a couple other cable networks in different parts of the country. But that means nothing if we can't afford it. Anyone that jumps on this last minute will receive an better than expected ROI. And we're very open on the length of terms too.

If you read this and are interested, we can send you our visual deck and everything we've been working on with the sponsor before they dropped out.
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