Funding needed for a Start Up Pharmacy in the Philippines
Posted by: Mary Tiamsing on 8/11/2016 3:37:03 AM
Funding Needed:
Under $100k
Healthcare & Medical / Pharma
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Bacolod City, Philippines
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I came from a large family where everybody had to sweat in order to keep his/her head above water and food on the table. I am the first from my family to graduate from college and move on into the corporate ranks, thanks to the steadfast support of my family especially the hard work and perseverance of my parents.

I've been fortunate to have an opportunity to work on several pharmacy start ups from creative inception, build out, staffing and marketing, to obtaining the licences, to open and operate. The pharmacy company will serve multiple purposes. Not only to provide quality low-cost medication to our customers, but also in the following ways;

It will serve as a prime example to other young women from poor families, like myself, of the values of education, hard work and perseverance.

The Company will be a community asset by providing jobs and training to young mothers with children and giving them a living wage.

By giving back to the community by donating a percentage of our profits to a local school in my village where the majority of the students are poor but deserving .

We are seeking $20,000 of funding for the first of the several pharmacies we expect to open during the next 2-4 years. Your contribution will enable us to establish a business, that is community centered, and for which there is a strong demand for its product and services. Your contribution will assist us in providing affordable medication in a country where Filipinos spend 45%-55% of their out of pocket expenses on medication (Source: A PROFILE OF THE PHILIPPINE PHARMACEUTICAL INDUSTRY).

The $20,000 of funds will be used for the following purposes:

Office equipment including chairs, file cabinets, and desks. Front counter, storage bins cash register.

Point of Sale equipment and software

Three computer terminals.

Working capital

Legal/Business licensing and permits

Marketing and marketing materials.

Brochures, flyers and dis count cards

Main computer server with a laser printer, and back-up system.

Software: Microsoft Office, QuickBooks Pro, drug interaction software, Physician Desk Reference software detailing side effects and other information pertinent to the customer, and other reference manuals required by the state.

Assorted bottles, boxes, envelopes, etc. for dispensing and shipment. Scales for shipping.

Telecom system. Storefront build-out. Start-up inventory. Rent, utilities, insurance.

A detailed business plan and documentation will be provided to serious investors.

Thank you!
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