Help me cure the obesity epidemic in the heart of the obesity belt
Posted by: Melody Covington on 10/18/2016 10:46:34 PM
Funding Needed:
Under $100k
Healthcare & Medical / Pharma
Location :
Charlotte, USA
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1 out of 3 adults are obese. I am a board certified internal medicine physician and obesity specialist. Having suffered from being overweight myself and losing 80 lbs with diet and exercise, I greatly empathize with patients struggling with excess weight. I know firsthand the stigma, the shame, and the lack of proper knowledge for weight loss. I also know from practicing medicine that an overwhelming number of adult diseases can be improved, cured, or prevented with proper weight management.

I lead a very large medical weight management program with over 1000 patients prior to venturing off to establish my own practice.

I am requesting $30, 000 for medical operation and start-up costs, primarily to secure obesity related equipment such as body composition equipment, obesity scales, basal metabolic machinery, and other equipment to support patients with higher BMIs. In addition, I am requesting funding to support the uniqueness of my practice, which will incorporate virtual visits, email consultations, patient education videos, nutrition counseling, and electronically synced products to increase patient engagement and accountability.
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