Posted by: Gert Kotze on 3/1/2017 12:37:17 AM
Funding Needed:
$100k - $250k
Healthcare & Medical / Pharma
Location :
Potchefstroom, South Africa
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I have invented a device that will act like legs for people in a wheelchair this device is called Skywalker. 3 things that is a problem to a person in a wheelchair (1) to go to the toilet (2) take a bath (3) get in and out of bed. This may not seem to be a problem to us that have the use of legs, picking someone up is not that easy and the strain you put on your back, this took me 5 years to complete after many attempts and many hours of research I got to this, this device can be setup in less than a day, 138,800,000 people worldwide is in a wheelchair that is with out old people in old age homes or patients in hospitals, the market is very big and this device is not that complicated but was a very big challenge, after I saw what is available on the market I realize how people in wheelchairs are neglected, but what is strange a person in a wheelchair can drive a car, but he can't help him/her self, drawings and proto type is available this is something every hospital, old age home and every person that is in a wheelchair, we may all at some point need this device, because of a accident, operation or because we get old, being in a wheelchair is not a death centance.
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