Searching for investor for new concept training facility
Posted by: shawn oddo on 8/23/2016 9:28:35 PM
Funding Needed:
$100k - $250k
Healthcare & Medical / Pharma
Location :
Metairie, USA
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I have been involved in the Health and Fitness industry in the Greater New Orleans area as a personal trainer and nutritionist for 16 years. With the knowledge I've acquired, I have planned on opening my own fitness facility. This facility will be completely separate and unique to any exercise facility in the state pertaining to ALL amenities offered and furthermore, is in serious demand.

I have 5 year financial projections drawn up as well as any and all information that will be needed pertaining to the project.

I am looking for $90k for purchasing equipment, which has already been chosen and quoted. All other workign capital expenses have been covered. I am open to discussion regarding investment terms. Any questions please do not hesitate to ask. In advance, thank you for your attention.
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