Existing Resort for Sale
Posted by: Ibrahim Khaleel on 10/24/2016 3:00:38 PM
Funding Needed:
Above $1mil
Hospitality & Tourism
Location :
Male, Maldives
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¨ This Resort is available in Maldives for sublease or outright sale if interested by client.
¨ This Resort can be transformed as a great product with little investment initially and bring it operational in a matter of few months with the existing 56 Beach Villas. I am open to discuss with the investors and find a workable solution for both parties.
¨ Basically for sublease the offer is as follows:
¨ 1. Period of sublease: 15 years + additional 5 years as an option.
¨ 2. Down payment US3.25 million of which US$1.25 million upon signing the MOU and U$2.0 upon signing the Sublease Agreement.
¨ 3. Sublease Rent per year as follows:
¨ a) first 05 years US$2.0 million per year + Gov Land Rent
¨ b) second five year US$2.5 million per year + Gov Land Rent
¨ c) final five year US$2.75 million per year + Gov Land Rent
¨ 4. Cost of Renovation by investor (this will be a separate agreement with investor). I give a rough estimate to bring the resort operational based on the standard investor has in mind.
¨ 5. Investor has option to increase rooms (additional 35 to 40 rooms) so that from existing 56 to approx 90 rooms.
¨ If investor is interested to sublease with existing 56 rooms and other support facilities the initial capital would not exceed US$8.5 million which include initial down payment, cost of renovation and first year lease rent.
¨Let me know level of interest. Always available for direct negotiation.
Best Regards
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