Looking for Investors for buying properties for Restaurants and App. rentals
Posted by: Darijo Rimac on 10/7/2016 5:18:26 PM
Funding Needed:
Under $100k
Hospitality & Tourism
Location :
Rovinj, Croatia
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i am 33y old male from Croatia ( Born in Sarajevo )
i grew up in Germany ( Cologne )and lived 9 years in Ireland ( Dublin )

i am living in Croatia for the last 3 years.

i have my own Company
I am running 2 restaurants ( 1 in Zagreb, 1 in Rovinj )
in Zagreb we are open all year round and in Rovinj 6-7 months in the summer Season since its located in Istria on the adriatic coast!

i am in lease terms in both places and looking to buy the property in Rovinj!

my goal is to buy the property in wich i have been running my restaurant for the last 4 Summers.
its 110m2 2 floor restaurant with back yard patio and
40m2 appartment located above the restaurant.

also i have a 5000m2 agricultural land in Rovinj on wich i plan to grow my own fruit and vegetable for my restaurant and for the free market.
it would be an Eco sort of Farm.
we plan to have a shop to sell our produce at the entrance to the plot of land it self!
its located beside 2 mayor camp sides in Rovinj ( camp Vallata & camp Val Saline )

there is an third option with a another property!
its a villa in Rovinj ( around 300m2 hous eand 600m2 land ) ( Borik, street Matije Vlacica Ilirka ) to completly renovate the house and build another self detached house right beside it!

its an idea to have about 10-12 appartments for renting.

its a friends property who is willing to coroporate in the project!!

Now this is all in short words,
if there is anyone interested in the project i would explain everything more detailed!!

i have all the documents and legal papers to my company and the properties in question.

the main goal is the Property i fist mentiond and the eco farm!!

the second property is an extra option for the future and if there would be anyone interested in that!!

kind regards
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