Looking for a start-up investor.
Posted by: Scott Stewart on 11/1/2016 8:32:25 PM
Funding Needed:
Under $100k
Hospitality & Tourism
Location :
Melbourne , Australia
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Just thought before I hit you with the business details I'd inform you of the investment and profit summary.
I'm looking for a somewhat unique investment here and am hopeful that you see this as a viable and profitable partnership. I am looking for a $90,000 - $100,000 investment over three years with $865 weekly repayments for 155 weeks and a final balloon payment of $5060. At the minimum $90,000 investment the total repayments come to $140,000 bringing you a $50,000 profit over three years. For the first year, the business and any assets are 100% owned by yourself with 30% ownership being signed over to me at the completion of year 1 and 2 and the final 40% at the completion and final payment of the contract. All business profits will be deposited into a co-signed high interest account to be used in the case of any unforeseen expenses and all marketing and advertising expenses with all funds signed over to me upon contract completion.
If this is of interest to you don't hesitate to contact me with any questions or to go over the financials.
Thank you.
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