Central Medical Repository
Posted by: Nishant Pathak on 8/14/2016 4:54:56 AM
Funding Needed:
$250k - $500k
Information Technology (IT)
Location :
New Delhi, India
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Short Summary
The Project is related to Digital India and the Complete Automation of Health-Care Industry and further more things are there in projects ......

The Business
This Project basically made to make the Peoples Health-Care needs easy and approachable.
It will make and manage complete filing systems of Medical History of a Person and for further Medical needs easy and affordable.
After it peoples will not wait in Queue while thinking and visiting to Hospital or Doctor's clinic.
Peoples will not be worried about genuineness of the Medicines and Tests which are recommended by the hospital or Doctor, Generally actual medicine written by the doctor are not available at every medical store so peoples will faith on the substitutes provided by chemist, and most of times from the helper in a chemist shop, who are not as educated as it needs to suggest medicine.
But in our Project peoples can order the actual medicines and even can read the actual prescription too.

The Market
Under this Project all Health-Care units i.e. Doctor's Clinic, Hospitals (Government and Private), Medical Stores and Pathology will be in the part of the project.
With this project we can involve the technology with Health-Care and the peoples of country will be the beneficiary of the Technology.
Here technology can save the wastage of paper which can be a environment friendly, no need to store the prescription, test reports and other important documents in a file.
Everything will be digitalis and available in few clicks, users can take emergency help about their Health-Care needs instantly, call ambulance quickly, and get the Patient care instructions while traveling in private Vehicle.

And lots more are there in the project.

Project is not yet started, as it needs a team of peoples and funding to setup a office.
I have done a small survey about the same and found that the there is no such application or software which can cover this kind of useful things.
Project will involve the Peoples under the age group of below 15 and above 40. Rest will be maintaining the records either of children or parents.
Means all need application/software which can maintain and manage the Health-Care needs.
As I can see the future of the project, it will be in every hands of technology user.
I never ever saw any Clinic or Hospital waiting for Patient instead of Patients waiting for their number in the Hospital/Clinic.
Once this technology will develop we can add many things which are related to Health-Care.
1. Digitization of Health-Care Units.
2. Project is Not started in the Country Yet
3. Very High Range of Customer ( General Public of Country)
4. Can be Attached with the Other Industries as well
5. First Ever in INDIA, We can be able to Launch the E-Hospital in the Country.
The Deal
I wanted to involve a Partner (Investor) who can Avail the Facility and Make / Develop the Project.
I am having the Idea's which I want to be developed. I can manage the team, researches, Clients and Market but I can't Manage the funds that are only the Stopper in my Way.

I assure you that if the Project will get started and developed then it will be spreed as like........ Light in the Sky.

We can make a Deal to Start it....................
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