Looking for Angel Investor for startup capital
Posted by: vahid akbari on 10/29/2016 1:44:48 PM
Funding Needed:
Above $1mil
Information Technology (IT)
Location :
grand rapids, USA
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hello dear investors.

Do you know the richest people are IT entrepreneurs?
Do you know the richest companies are IT companies?

we are a IT engineering team and IT entrepreneur we are working on our project for 3 year.
now we are looking for investor for handle our project.

project: intelligent news agency for 70 language for 150 country.

we are first intelligent news robot and intelligent news agency.

now our site is up for usa version and every day traffic and news is increasing to site and we must spend High cost for our server that we can not and we must find investor .

we want upgrade site to other language for other country.

For example, the latest special news displayed on the main pages of our website is identified and prioritized using various algorithms and then displayed to the users. Our website helps users from all over the world with any language find their favorite news easily and quickly from thousands of news websites and news in any field.

For instance, you are a citizen of Greece or any other place. You are able to find the news related to your own country in your own language on the website.entirely live

Currently, we're expanding the number of languages on our website and this process will carry one until the completion.

our robot get news without need to rss and show on site entirely live and very fast.even higher of orginal source!!

What do we need?

fund for make special data center and managment.
after run english version for british, canada, Australia, new zealand , create a company and recruitment online reporter and employee.

now we have many request of online reporter for work with us.

now our site is up just for usa version and we have perfect backlink of miami herald atlanta news and other perfect sites. because they welcomed to our project.

every hour minimum google index of our site is 300 link , Even higher than news google yahoo news msn news!!!!

for example : cnn after 25 year has just 9.000.000 link indexed on google. but we have 2.000.000 link index on google just after 4 month just for USA version.

and this is our success on SEO

our goal

daily 50.000 news for every version + our online reporter news

minimum 1 million visitor for every version

if we run 150 country we have minimum 150 million visitor on day.!!


7.500.000 news on day.!!

And this will mean we are the TOP of news company.
with millions traffic and news . with high wealth.

Now our rank is perfect after 4 month,just for USA version.

After upgrade site for canada . british . Australia . new Zealand , our alexa rank will be under 1000. and when we complete site for 150 country our site rank will be between 1 by 20 in alexa. and this is milions dollar just Website and Domain value .


if we have to be millions visitor in day we can make money just of our special advertise system and adsense .
50.000$ in day.

after one year of create our company we can make stock in the market.

We just answer to serious investors. if you are serious on your decide for work with us you can send message .
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