Start Up BPO Seeks Capital Funding
Posted by: Cody Oneil Harry on 2/7/2017 9:09:21 PM
Funding Needed:
Under $100k
Information Technology (IT)
Location :
Georgetown , Guyana
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Guyana, located on the northern coast of South America is becoming the number one hub for BPO providers as our time zone is the same as Eastern USA, coupled with our native English tongue. This is evident by the multi-million dollar investments over the last five years. 

Having worked as an IT Consultant for the past eight years and has networking with a number of clients who require various virtual assistance services, I decided to form a company that will provide these services while giving others an opportunity to earn.

Close to a dozen persons will be hired and train in the use of a variety of software applications that they use in executing their daily duties.
Several clients have already agreed to provide regular jobs once the company is up and running, hence a partnership will be established with these companies.

Funding to the tune of $75,000 USD is required, this loan will be repaid within 5 years from projected monthly net income of $5,000 USD.
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