Unexpected Returns and Profits for 45 Days Investment Program
Posted by: Krrishna Varada on 10/1/2016 4:40:19 AM
Funding Needed:
$100k - $250k
Information Technology (IT)
Location :
Vijayawada, India
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Hi there!

I am just offering an interesting & high yield short term investment program, Following are the Details.

1. Investment shall be Minimum Rs.1.50 Crore, in 14 Days time (Client will give us the schedule to release the Payments, means in 14 days time, We have to release Rs.1.50 Cr)

2. Offering Rs.2.80 Cr (including investment) on 45th day from the date of our last payment.

3. In case of transaction failure, Client is offering Rs.2.00 Cr (including investment).

4. Security will be given in the form of Debentures/ SRO Registered Indemnity Bonds, Cheques, Promissory Notes along with Investment Agreement.

5. Consultants will get Rs.20 Lakhs as an incentive at the time of disbursement of Rs.2.80 Cr and also can hold some margin from Rs.2.80 Cr based on Client's Relationship.

6. Investment Domain is International Trading.

7. Finalised agreements shall reach us by 2nd October and Payments has to be released from 3rd October.

8. Total Cheques for Rs.2.80 Cr Dated 30th November will be given at the time of agreement only.

9. Payments will be accepted from Companies only, Individuals are not allowed to participate in trading.

10. For additional Security, One Person from Client end can work in our Company till the date of disbursement of Rs. 2.80 Cr, No additional salary/accodomation will be provided.
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