100 TPD Pulp & Paper
Posted by: Ravi teja Baggam on 5/8/2016 10:58:39 PM
Funding Needed:
Above $1mil
Manufacturing & Production
Location :
Vizag, India
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Basically it is a agro base pulp and paper mill, main raw material is bagasse and it is available in nearby sugar mills abundantly, 1 Lakh ton/ Annum mill bagasse as such is required
The main fuel is husk (Ooka) and pith, Husk is abundantly available in nearby rice mills and pith will be obtained as by-product of bagasse itself and remaining waste papers shall be purchased from nearby suppliers from vizag
The mill shall be located at bank of champavathi river near Nellimarla and water intake shall be from the river champavathi in winter and raining seasons and in summers water from extracted from bore wells, discharge will be 40 % of intake into river after treatment
To get the pollution approval we will be going with chemical recovery unit, which itself will reduce 90% pollution and get 7rs/ Kg additional profit (700000 rs/ Day)
The main product will be absorbent Kraft and High BF Kraft which has abundant market in Andhra Pradesh itself

Project 100 TPD:
1. Deckle: 4 meters,
2. Speed: 200 M/ Min,
3. GSM: 80 to 140,
4. Quality: Absorbent Kraft and High BF Kraft
5. Raw Material: Bagasse and waste paper,
6. Water Discharge: 1200 M3/ day
7. Water Intake: 3000 M3/ day,
8. Furnish: 65% Bagasse Pulp, 35% Waster paper Pulp
9. Pollution Control: Recovery Plant and ETP Plant,
10. Boilers: 25 TPH FTC, Recovery Boiler: 9TPH,
11. Turbine Generator: 3MW
12. Power consumption: 700 Units/ Ton of Paper
13. Fuels: Husk, Pith, Black Liquor
14. Area Required: 15 Acres and for future expansion 5 Acres
15. Project Cost Required: 80 Cores (excluding Land)
16. Time for implementation of project: 20 Months
17. Processing cost per Kg of paper:
a. Bagasse- 3.5 Rs,
b. Waste paper- 4.5 Rs,
c. Fuel- 4 Rs,
d. Chemical: 2 Rs
e. Maintenance & space: 2 Rs
f. Manpower- 2 Rs
g. Capital Interest: 2 Rs
h. Unforeseen contingencies: 3 Rs
Total Cost: 5+3+4+2+2+2+2+3= 23 Rs
Sale Price: 35 Rs (Real market price: 37 Rs)
Profit= 35-23= 12 Rs/ Kg
Total profit= 12*1000*100*330= 39.6 Cores Rs/ Year
Pay Back= Less than 2 1/2 Years
18. Tentative project cost estimation (Excluding Land cost)
a. Paper Machine: 33 cores
b. Boilers: 25 cores
c. Civil Works & Miscellaneous: 22 Cores
Total Cost: 33+25+22= 80 Cores

However detail engineering report shall be submitted by me and other specialist if required after taking decision
This product has high demand within Andhra Pradesh, can be sold as hot cakes, fortunately in southern India there are no big mills which produce Absorbent Paper
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