Innovative Patented Vertical Parking Structure Seeking Visionary Investors
Posted by: sally mechur on 3/21/2017 1:38:46 PM
Funding Needed:
Above $1mil
Manufacturing & Production
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Business Description: The Corporation has developed a new compact, secure, automated vertical parking structure that can be used to help lessen the parking pressures in urban areas today. The units will be able to be put in place quickly and efficiently and be up an operating in a matter of months. An added benefit is that these units can include hookups for electric vehicles so that while the car is parked it will also be recharging itself. “Green construction” design features include renewable solar energy to provide electrical power to the facility.

Additionally, with the growing trend of driverless cars, these units are the perfect storage space for fleet operators including taxis, shared rides and rental vehicles. The idea is that these units can serve as the storage and dispatch sites for these driverless vehicles while also providing secure storage and recharging so that they will be ready on demand.

The inventor filed a Provisional Patent with the USPTO in 2014 and the intent is to work with a Patent Attorney and file the Non-Provisional Application shortly after funding has been obtained. It is expected that a minimum of 30 additional patents will be filed based on the current designs.

Unique Value Proposition: The Company’s dual mission is to develop automated parking, storage and charging facilities for fleet buyers and operators of driverless automobiles, and to develop and populate a worldwide network of both company-owned and individually owned and operated franchised automated parking facilities that are safe, convenient, affordable, reliable, and environmentally-friendly.
Sales/Marketing: Once the initial funding is in place and the patent process is moving forward, the Company will initially focus on reaching out to fleet owners, developers and urban planners to begin an aggressive marketing effort.

The Company will seek local investors and developers to purchase franchises which will be operated under the guidance of the Company. The initial fee will cover the cost of site development and installation. Each franchise will then be expected to pay the Company a percentage of sales in order to maintain this relationship. The full Business Plan provides further details about the franchise potential of the market.

Key Risk Factors: The Company is seeking to offer its disruptive parking system to commercial operations in urban settings all over the world. The primary risk will come from the lack of current exposure in the market and the fact that the current competition is in place. Implementation of the innovative design will depend greatly on seeking out the innovative and leading edge urban planners and fleet operators. These are the same people who are and will continue to showcase the “driverless car” concept in urban areas.

Important Milestone: The Company’s management team has identified a number of highlights that will assist in the development and launch of the system. These include developing working relationships with manufacturers of driverless vehicles, fleet owners and urban planners, and the launch of a nationwide marketing and branding effort to secure franchisees and build the customer base.

Exit Strategy: The Company’s founders strongly believe that the Franchise Model will result in an operation that is robust, fast and meets current and future demand.

The Company is seeking visionary investors who understand the current and growing demand for safe and convenient parking in urban areas. The Company further seeks to become the vendor of choice and to assist municipal officials in revitalizing blighted areas.

Investors coming in at this initial level will realize a significant Return on Investment. The terms of this ROI will be negotiated at the time of investment

Manufacturing / Franchise Sales

Year 1 Projection: pre-sales development
Year 2 Projection: $509,250
Year 3 Projection: $7,638,750
Year 4 Projection: $22,916,250

Financing Sought
$3,500,000 spread out over 18 months and tied to specific milestones.

Use of Proceeds
Funds to be used to cover final engineering studies, outside engineering consultants to verify results, production machinery and any remaining funds will cover a portion of the initial operating overhead.

Additional Documents Available
Business Plan, Executive Summary, Risk Assessment, Private Placement Memorandum
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