Innovative U.S.-based Solar Panel Manufacturer Seeks Funding
Posted by: sally mechur on 4/21/2016 10:28:09 AM
Funding Needed:
$250k - $500k
Manufacturing & Production
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Business Description: The Corporation is a startup manufacturing company based out of Miami, FL. The Company produces efficient solar panels with water heating and plug & play capability to companies that distribute and install sustainable and renewable energy producing equipment. The Company does not sell to end users. Its customers are Distributors/Installers, as well as Government contractors, who will sell and install the Company's products.
Unique Value Proposition The Company will use the best and most efficient solar panels available and install micro-inverters and a water heating element to: improve electrical output, provide for AC (alternate current) power and hot water, as well as produce an ultralight weight Solar Charger for Military Radio batteries, providing soldiers charge their radio batteries in the field. The Company is unique because it will increase the energy output of the solar panels, make them simpler and easier to install, lower the cost of power and hot water system alternatives to user, plus delivering environmentally friendly products that generate and replenish energy every day in a natural manner. The Company’s products will contribute in reducing greenhouse gases without resource waste.

Market: There are four distinct markets, each one with its own price structure:
Distributors/Installers in the U.S.
Distributors/Installers in Caribbean countries
Large Retailers (Home Depot, Lowe's)
Local, State and Federal Government

According, to Solar Energy Strategies Association (SEIA), 2015 was the biggest year yet in solar history. The U.S. installed 7,260 megawatts (MW) of solar in 2015 to reach 27.4 gigawatts (GW) of total installed capacity, which is enough to power 5.4 million American homes. SPAC contributes to the solar power industry by specializing in panels with thermal and AC conversion capability that will be sold to Government (federal, state and local) and private Distributors and Installers, throughout the U.S., Caribbean and Latin America. All solar companies and installers will be empowered to sell these thermal solar panels, manufactured in the U.S. Furthermore, soft loans of 5 to 7 years can be obtained from the DOE (Department of Energy) and USDA (Department of Agriculture) to help expand the Company's manufacturing capacities if demand begins to out grows supply for the product. The products represent an investment and not an expense, because of their 20 to 25 year durability. Furthermore, sales projections for the Company during the next five years go from $2,871,275, in Year 1 to $10,579,750 in Year 5.

Key Success Factors:
• Positioning and promoting solar panels as innovative technology that harnesses the power of the Sun to produce power and hot water.
• Communicating the unique aspects and quality of the Company’s offerings through personal interaction, media and other branding activities.

Key Risk Factors:
• The cost of obtaining necessary equipment and supplies
• Emerging competitors who offer the same products and services

Exit Strategy:
The Company is seeking an investment of $500,000 in order to bring this green energy, solar power business into the marketplace. The Company anticipates that it will meet the conservative income projections noted. Furthermore, the Company will work with Investors interested in short or long-term investments. The specific rate of return and a payment schedule will be negotiated at the time of investment.

Solar Panel Distribution

Year 1 Projection: $2,871,275
Year 2 Projection: $4,188,875
Year 3 Projection: $6,106,750
Year 4 Projection: $6,557,750
Year 5 Projection: $10,579,750

Year 1 Projection: $546,013
Year 2 Projection: $631,444
Year 3 Projection: $1,218,125
Year 4 Projection: $723,907
Year 5 Projection: $1,787,934

Financing Sought

Use of Proceeds
• purchase and install machines
• procure raw materials used for the initial production
• cover operating expenses

Additional Documents Available:
Business Plan, Executive Summary, Opinion Letter
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