Exceptional equity/investment opportunity
Posted by: ROD BUFFMAN on 3/21/2016 2:39:22 PM
Funding Needed:
Under $100k
Marketing / Advertising
Location :
Savannah, USA
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We have a very unique,financing and investment plan for a relatively nominal initial investment,huge ROI and retain equity,investor controls,accounting and expenditures,ROI,700-1200%+ WITHIN 24 MONTHS!We will penetrate the United States market with a superior business-to-business marketing model.

Our business model is unique in North America, placing us at the forefront of the business marketing industry.

Through its strategic business-to-business marketing plan, we offer an innovative business-first approach to design, printing, advertising, direct mail, fulfillment, and promotional printing with thousands of retail organizations, including 20% of U.S.-franchises, also is negotiating,as a service provider agreement with the 1,000-member Office Products Associations, as well as with other stores of , totaling about 2,640 stores in all. Our extensive portfolio also includes Retail B2B and access to 22,000 independent office supply, mailing and packaging locations. Our one-of-a-kind revenue sharing model guarantees a price at least 25% lower than the competition, something no other marketing company can claim.Specializing in healthcare products as well

Bringing more than 100 years of exemplary management and business experience to the table, our seasoned Executive Management Team will work closely with Account Executives in every U.S. state and major city to provide locally-informed, business-driven solutions to the challenges facing the printing industry over the next decade and beyond. Through a combined approach of E-Commerce, innovative kiosks, auto dealer sales events and exhaustive industry and competitive analysis, supported by our lowest price guarantee, we will cultivate a network of brand-devoted customers whose loyalty will keep our company at the forefront of business-to-business marketing solutions for the foreseeable future.

If you have any questions regarding this business proposal, please feel free to contact me at any time.

Mission Statement

We excel at developing and executing strategic business-to-business marketing plans, including printing, advertising, direct mail, fulfillment, promotional items, and email marketing. offering a highly professional staff of uniquely creative and experienced experts to help American businesses thrive.

Tagline: “We guarantee if we can’t save you 25% on all your printing costs your order is FREE!” “MARKETING STRATEGIES, PRINTING AND PROMOTIONAL PRODUCT SOLUTIONS FOR INDEPENDENT BUSINESS”
Early Stage,revenue,business plan,pro-forma,pitch brief available.
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