looking for financier/or partner for my existing business
Posted by: Lassaad Ben kamal on 8/19/2016 5:36:39 AM
Funding Needed:
Under $100k
Marketing / Advertising
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good day,
i would like to inquire if you finance businesses abroad specifically in the philippines, as a loan or a partner.
i am an expat entrepreneur living in the philippines and i am looking for a financer/partner for my one year existing business.
i am the founder and CEO of the classifieds and advertising services.
It's an All in one Advertising and marketing platform. we are publishing and distributing free advertising magazine and also other services such as mobile billboards/ inserts and online marketing.
the reason i am looking for funds and/or partner is to expand my operations a bit faster to cover a bigger areas where we can have access to more businesses that will advertise with us.
the Amount that i am looking for is 100,000 Us$ and it will be used for expansion, buying my own printing offset machine (4colors) instead of outsourcing which costing me too much, and increase my mobile billboard vehicles (existing 3).
if this idea interest you it is my pleasure to discuss more details and send you any requirement documents you need ( financial statement/ company profile/ etc..).
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