Looking for investor for startup TuneZone - Social Network
Posted by: Denis Aronchik on 9/20/2016 10:47:39 AM
Funding Needed:
$250k - $500k
Media / Communication & Networking
Location :
Kiev, Ukraine
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You have one life passion – cars and their modification…. You live, work, get married, bring kids to this world. Someone’s hobby is fishing, others do skiing or football and someone loves cars and lives in the automotive world. Spending every spare moment in the garage, repairing the car, fine-tuning, installing sport parts, meditating over possible improvements: increasing the power capacity, modernizing the control systems, improving reliability and safety, calculating aerodynamics. These people are preparing the car for the local and international racing competitions drag racing, drift, time attack or following the auto fashion trends: rat, lowrider, bosozoku, stance... Restoring retro cars, lifting SUVs.

All of these is called Tuning.

Some are lending money for new spare parts, some are saving, some already have cash, but all these people - coming home from work, playing with their kids – think of their car. Which engineering marvels to use to achieve even higher result, beat the competitor or even themselves – their own timing, improve not only the car’s, but own skills, to improve onerself. Maybe you just want to show styling and beauty of your car to the public. In real life, people are joining the clubs, help each other, consult each other, take part in the races, and compete with rival clubs. This is a special world and a special kind of life, and it is called Tuning.

Our team decided to create unified platform, designed to unite all the professionals and enthusiasts. So that everyone could show their car to the community, understand real potential of the vehicle and to use this potential fully. To show off all the tuning and modifications, show the love, work, thoughts and the heart and soul they put into it. To compete in the virtual reality, to get first place in the chart, win another prize, demonstrate the power, spirit of the club and the teamwork.

There is a place for everyone on the Portal: people, clubs, forums, bloggers, shops, tuning atelier and to everyone who wants to look around and get the experience.

We created the framework, now we need to finalize functionality and to promote the Portal to the market, to make people aware of these project’s existence and enable them to participate in it, and make the number of the true automotive masterpieces in the world grow day by day.

What we did already

Profiles, news, friends, garage, car rating, clubs rating, events. Smart parts selection, business account (store), car logbook.


Mobile app, tuning studios, virtual tuning with real parts, news from Our Company, news from other websites, challenge button, car tuning video channel and many interesting surprises.

We need hire: team of developers, content managers, bloggers, support, admins etc.

You can't imagine how many people like tuning across the world, and all of them are making own piece of art, lets see what do they can show.
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