The next Facebook or Youtube in the making
Posted by: Juan Mckenzie on 4/22/2016 4:10:53 PM
Funding Needed:
Under $100k
Media / Communication & Networking
Location :
Cayman Islands
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Our aim is to broadcast content that others find interest in all around the web. The content we will host are rated and categorized by users.

The excitement of the internet in just one place. When users visits websites to view or share content, they will have the opportunity to categorize the content shared by others...

Plug-in feature for blog sites to install for their users so they will have more options available to do with the content they view on their favorite sites.

We are seeking $120k to create and market our new platform. This capital will be invested throughout the development of the main site, plug-in/add-on and app. We are confident that our company will obtain a solid return on investment within 10 months and that investors will break even within one year and 2 months.

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