What is music social media?
Posted by: DeSean Goree on 5/7/2016 2:51:45 PM
Funding Needed:
Above $1mil
Media / Communication & Networking
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Phoenix, USA
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There are MILLIONS of starving and hungry artists hustling every single day to network, promote and get their music heard. Currently, the only reputable online indie musical platforms are reverbnation and soundcloud. Although these are great starter platforms, artists crave more interaction with other artists to create music and possibly a new friend who shares their passion for music and the pursuit of fame. BUT……….What if there was a new platform that bypassed the hundreds of people daily who couldn’t care less about you spamming your music all over social media or your random music you’re attempting to sell in front of the gas station, but in fact connected you directly to other artist and fans all over the world from all genres who share your love of music; whether to create or find that next artist who speaks to them through song. A platform that will cut out “the middle man” of the struggle and give every artist the ability to use the phenomenon of social networking like never before. A giant web of artists who share a common goal of networking and creating what they love; music. A network of fans actively searching for the artists, as much as the artists are searching for fans. This network of connections easily accessible on their mobile device anytime anywhere opens up endless possibilities for the advancement of any hard working artist. What if you could pin point a certain type of sound? For example, wanting to add a southern country style to a record and having a hand held easily accessible database with the ability to find that sound at your discretion; 24 hours a day. Imagine an online music portal that will give you the ability to communicate and create music with that chosen artist from anywhere in the world. The ability to easily send separate tracks, up to full studio sessions to other users. See a need, fill a need.
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