looking for Angel Investor or private money lender or CV
Posted by: K Deep Narayan on 2/12/2016 12:44:59 AM
Funding Needed:
Under $100k
Media / Communication & Networking
Location :
Dehradun, India
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Dear Team, Greetings!
i need funding to develop prototype of my project. the prototype itself will start generating the revenue therefore i can't take risk of making a cheap or below standard one. as there is no competitor right now in this segment right now but after launching the prototype i have to face them so it is not possible to compromise with the quality neither in prototype nor in actual product.
the total funding is required is $50K in three installments;-
1st --- $20 k
2nd---$15 k (after one month of 1st installment)
3rd---- rest of the amount (may or may not be required) becuase till then the product will get viable.
hope to hear from you, as every passing day i am loosing business of about $15K/day. you can understand clearly how difficult it is.
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