Concept Proving Electric Generator and Electric Car.
Posted by: Bryan Dillon on 10/7/2015 10:48:24 AM
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I have developed a Self Balancing Electric Generator that maintains / recharges its own power supply and feeds excess power for use.

It can replace solar panels - And run 24 hours a day ! ! !

We are building a unit into a Concept Proving Electric Car, which means an electric car that does not need to be recharged.

Prototype Generators have be built and run for extended periods.

Various demonstrations have been successfully performed under scientific test conditions

We plan to finish the build on a Concept Car.

To challenge the world Electric Vehicle Endurance records
Distance is currently at 1013 miles and Time Endurance is at 45 hours and 20 minutes ( Only 820 Miles ) on a single charge on a single set of batteries.

Guinness World Records have accepted the technology and are willing to adjudicate to prove technology under record / test conditions.

To take this record (Generators have been tested under working load for 28 Days Continuous Working.) should not hold a problem.

The plan is then to sell the technology and move onto another R&D Project.

Offers have been received for global technology rights.

I am a Professional Time Served Craftsman Engineer.

I served an engineering apprenticeship before taking a degree in later life.

I work as a Research and Development Engineer in R&D Field in the Military and Defense Industries.
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