Needed investment for manufacturing a newly developed product.
Posted by: saran kumar on 7/23/2015 2:33:10 AM
Funding Needed:
Above $1mil
Research & Development
Location :
coimbatore, India
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Needed investment to set a manufacturing unit for a newly developed product. The product we have developed is very useful for all types of industries, companies, homes and it is very essential in our day to day life.So the monthly profit will be very for this product. Our company is based on research and development and we have Tin number, CST number,Trademark and our company is on partnership basis.

We need 50 Lakhs and above to set a manufacturing unit so any one who are interested to invest in our company can cont our company we will explain about our product and then you can take decision. The monthly margin will be high for this product so who are investing in our company will get more profit on monthly basis because this product is necessary for the people.

Our company is based on RESEARCH AND DEVELOPMENT so if you need to do any kind new products based on mechanical field you can share your ideas we will research and develop it.
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