Children's Consignment Store
Posted by: Christine Lipari on 10/20/2016 10:48:42 AM
Funding Needed:
Under $100k
Retail / Distribution
Location :
Stuart, USA
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I am a single Mother, and I recently just took over a Children's Consignment Store, with high hopes and dreams of making this work. I took Over in May 2016, the summer months, and the store hardly made any money all summer long because we are more of a seasonal town. I have been trying everything I can to keep this store alive for the community, However, the money is trickling away with hardly any sales. My Goal would be to get out of the debit that we are in and then start advertising for the store with huge sales, raffles, fun family events to get the community involved. I am running out of options and out of time and I could really use a miracle right now.I really need help and I don't know where else to go or what to do. If anyone can even point me in the right direction, I would gladly take the advice. Thank you for your time.
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