Distribution of Non-alcholic Beverages
Posted by: Emmanuel Sintim on 12/24/2016 3:37:25 AM
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Guinness Ghana Breweries Limited has posted a business opportunity for entrepreneurs. The company is looking for distributors for its growing range of Non-alcoholic beverages (Malta Guinness, Alvaro and Origin Zero) across Ghana. Below are the requirements:

1. Minimum working capital of 25,000 GHC (or more dependent on market)

2. Front street facing shop in high traffic market.

3. Minimum warehouse capacity: 14 X 14 square feet

4. Distribution vans (number depending on area)

5. Van and foot sales staff with a minimum of WASSCE qualification.

This is an opportunity that has just come up in Ghana. Ghanaians consume a lot of these Non-alcoholic beverages. The returns on investment in this business is very good.

Anybody who is interested in investing in such an opportunity should contact me through email. I can collaborate with you or assist you set it up.
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